It was a weird creature with two left hands, one right and a fishtail in place of legs.  Bathed in pure white light, it seemed to lure and then soak all of it leaving dark and ugly patches with irregular shapes aside. Because of all that light, it came across as a silhouette. There possibly could be nothing more alluring than this whimsical form which left everything around it fizzle down to a blur. As I watched on from a fair distance, the harmless creature increased in size incredibly. The white of it against the black now pierced my eyes. The arms got bulkier. The ones on the left left no space even for a sheet of air to squeeze through and were undoubtedly getting conjoined. The right one swelled larger than the two on the left which, in fact, no longer were two. As they constantly grew larger in size, they seemed to flatten out now or maybe it was because of the light. Ever so gracefully, the arms took the form of wings with the growth multiple times than a moment before. The tail too had turned magnanimous. The creature was calm or was it the sedative process of evolution that was going to betray all anticipators and optimists by creative a monster and not God and that made it look calm now? By the look of it, it could’ve been calm and careless as their Gods but it also could’ve been really determined. Even fuelled by a strong and clean motive to destruct. The form had now ceased to grow. It appeared it could grow no longer, no larger. The ugly patches around seemed to have been perforated and much out of them had managed to endure the light, seeming to discharge from the creature now and not from the sun beyond, had turned grey and were fast receding. Blots of light now tore apart from the wings and the tail and the whole body of the massive giant and swallowed the ugliness of its counterpart. They were getting rid of even a miniscule grain of dirt and fought amongst themselves to increase in size before one joined the other and made it more powerful. The initially massive form was no longer to be found as it had now innumerous of those torn out of its own skin fighting for space and yes, light.

Just the next moment a mad wind blew and shockingly there was nothing else then to be seen or found except, obviously, a clear blue sky.



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